BYU bans demonstrations on Y Mountain in updated policy

The Y on Y Mountain is lit on March 4, 2021 by Color the Campus, an organization that supports LGBTQ BYU students. An updated policy released on Jan. 10 restricts demonstrations from occurring on Y mountain. (Emily Harrah)

Students and faculty will no longer be allowed to protest on university-owned portions of Y mountain, BYU announced Monday in a recently approved policy update. The updated demonstration policy was approved on Dec. 20, 2021.

The announcement regarding the updated policy said a “university education includes intellectually enlarging experiences that promote civility in the exchange of ideas and that encourage civic engagement.” 

According to the updated policy, only students and employees can participate in demonstrations on-campus.

The updated policy also provides clarification on how students and employees can apply for a demonstration on campus. The dean of students, managing director of BYU Police and BYU Security, vice president of belonging and academic vice president will consider each application and either approve, conditionally approve or deny the demonstration.Students will no longer need a faculty member to apply for a demonstration on campus.

“Demonstrations should be consistent with BYU’s faith-based mission, intellectual environment and requirements described in the policy,” the policy says.

The updated policy was released following various on-campus demonstrations occurring across the BYU campus in 2021. The Daily Universe has previously reported on demonstrations occurring on Y Mountain and on the south campus sidewalk.

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