Electric skateboard riders push for repeal of campus ban


University Police Lt. Jeff Long said all transportation except for bikes have been banned on campus for at least 30 years. Some students think that it’s time for a change.

At BYU, lots of students use electric skateboards as their mode of transportation to campus, but they’re banned for riding on campus. Some students hate driving to campus because of the difficult finding parking, so students who live close enough to campus will find other methods.

They will often walk, bike or take the bus. Students can use any method of transportation to get to campus, but once on campus, the only wheels on the ground belong to bikes.

Issues with modes of transportation on campus have become more prevalent this year.

“I’ve seen more skateboards than any other year previously,” Long said.

The policy is in place to protect the students. Accidents, like one in April where a student ended up in the ICU, justify the policy. But some students take issue with it, saying that what’s best for students it to take another look at the issue.

“Oh I definitely think they should change,” mechanical engineering student Nathan Goode said. “We need to get with the times.”

Goode rides his skateboard to campus everyday and thinks that the technological advancements of electric skateboards make them an attractive option for students, meriting a second look at the ban.

As for the safety concerns, Goode thinks that skateboards are actually safer for pedestrians than bikes. He pointed out the quick breaks, smaller size and ease of jumping off to avoid crashes.

University Police didn’t create the policy, but their job is to enforce it. Their main concern is the health and safety of the students and they’re open to a policy change.

“This is probably our number one concern, we’re just keeping it safe. Those are the types of things were faced with as cops here on campus,” Long said.

The solution isn’t clear, but for students like Goode, they’ll just keep riding their skateboards.

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