Christmas tree farms prep for the holiday season


Finding and decorating the perfect Christmas tree is for many an essential part of the holiday season. There are about 25-30 million Christmas trees sold each year in the United States.

Local business Baum’s Christmas Trees has provided Provo with Christmas trees for over 50 years.

“We start in July. We go out and start looking for good areas to purchase healthy trees,” Baum’s Christmas Trees employee Jason Baum said. “End of October and beginning of November, we start cutting, we take about a week to set up and then we’re ready for business.”

The crew works hard to give customers the best selection each year and offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes and types of pine trees.

“For us it’s a lot of long hours so we’re usually 12 to 14 hours a day. A lot of behind the scenes prep work and getting the trees ready, especially with the flock trees we do,” Baum said.

Flocking gives trees the natural white snow covered look and involves spraying the tree with a prep coat of water, a coat of the white flocking and a final coat to secure the powder to the tree all while the tree is spinning on a rotating platform. The process preserves the tree and coats it so the tree doesn’t need a water stand.

The Baum family hopes they can give customers a unique selection of trees and help create the Christmas magic that a tree can bring.

“Coming out to a tree lot and looking around finding the perfect tree for your family,” Baum said. “It’s something new and fun each year.”

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