Sexual assault survivors find resources at The Refuge


The Refuge is a center that supports victims of sexual assault, rape and domestic violence in their healing.

“No means no, you know? If they say no, that’s rape if anything occurs after that,” The Refuge CEO Dennis Hansen said.

The Refuge provides hotlines for domestic violence and sexual assault, safehouses and emergency shelters, victim advocacy, therapy and more.

“I’m so glad there are more resources, but there’s not enough resources,” Hansen said.

Because of COVID-19, The Refuge has had to decrease the number of people in order to provide social distancing. Although it has paid off — there have been no COVID-19 cases transmitted within the shelter — The Refuge has had to turn away a lot of people.

The Refuge is also interested in working on prevention. By showing each other respect and kindness, parents can model a safe and healthy relationship.

“Your children are watching. Always remember to both of you, both the wife and the husband, to just be very conscious of how important it is to model the right behavior between the two of you for your children,” Hansen said.

The Refuge emphasized the importance of teaching children medically correct terms, modeling healthy relationships at home and getting help if the need arises.

While of course bad things do and will happen, that doesn’t mean there is no hope. If you have been a victim of sexual assault or domestic violence, The Refuge or any other support system can help you get safe, get help and get support.

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