Dancers of all ages compete at annual BYU Dancesport Championships


More than 1,000 dancers traveled to BYU this past weekend to compete in the November BYU Dancesport Championships. The amateur dancers come from all around the Western U.S.

Some of the dancers who competed are BYU students.  

“I love competing. I love just dancing in front of a huge crowd and getting that energy rush from dancing,” competitor Rebecca Oliveira said.

There are also elementary and junior high level competitors.

“You have to smile a lot and keep your frame up,” young competitor Malek Haslam said.

The BYU Dancesport competition provides special opportunities to the competitors.

“It’s nice because it’s one of the bigger competitions, and it’s fun to compete against the people you’ve been training with,” dancer and BYU student Sabrina Sulik said.

To dancers, the competition is an opportunity to do what they love.

“It’s like, I feel like a superstar when I go on stage, because everyone is watching me,” competitor Tabitha Nan said.

It’s an opportunity to prove that all of their training is worth it.

The competition see dancers performing Latin, ballroom and more. There are typically a few competitions every year which means plenty of opportunities to watch students compete.

More information on future competitions can be found on Dancesport’s website.

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