Yoga Club teaches students mindfulness and relaxation


If you’re in search of balance, better sleep and a brighter mood, join the BYU Yoga Club where they encourage mindfulness. There are a myriad of physical health and mental health benefits that can be found while participating in Yoga Club.

“It’s a place to feel relaxed, and to just move your body, cause sometimes we just don’t move enough,” Yoga Club instructor Carol White said.

“It just makes me feel really good, it’s a good way for me to reconnect with my body,” Yoga Club artist Ashley Orton said.

A study published by the U.S. Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health said that college students are in a critical period of development, learning new ways to be independent and manage stress. The study included Yoga as being self-empowering and a good way to work on total wellness without requiring medication or equipment.

“Things like yoga, things like flexibility, doing breathing methods and all of that I think is equally useful for having a good physique on top of feeling very natural in your own body,” Yoga Club member John-Michael Frye said.

“I don’t really take good care of my body, honestly, in college and especially sitting at a desk and hunched over a computer most of the time, so I feel like it’s an easy way for me to do something good for my body,” club member Evan Hartzell said.

All skill and fitness levels are welcome to come and experience a calming, peaceful session of mental and physical exercises.

“It’s a really safe space, that’s always been our primary goal as officers… It’s a little slice of heaven we hope to make it,” White said.

“To have this hour break right on Tuesday night where I can detoxify and then get back after it on Wednesday morning is perfect. It’s like a different kind of strength that I can build, and it’s very meditative and so it kind of let’s you collect yourself,” Frye said.

It’s not all serious, as the class instructor encourages students to let loose with more adventurous poses.

“I love that it’s young students and we can do funky poses and fun things like that,” White said.

“It’s surprisingly difficult to do some stuff, that they make look so easy,” Hartzell said.

You can join the students stretching their bodies and abilities at BYU Yoga Club on Tuesday nights, 8:30 p.m. in Room 3222 of the Wilkinson Student Center.

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