Provo City honors veterans for Veterans Day


Today is the federal holiday Veterans Day and Provo City has been celebrating and honoring veterans all week. A variety of veteran related displays for the public are available to tour until Nov. 13 allowing everyone to pay their respects to those who have and are currently serving our country.

Veterans Day is celebrated to honor veterans for their patriotism, love for this country and the sacrifices they give for America’s freedom.

“You get to be on a team. You get to work towards complex challenges and issues that you could absolutely never accomplish by yourself,” BYU ROTC veteran Maj. Roland Griffith said.

Many programs across the state of Utah will take place today for veterans and their families.

“Most of my time was in Fort Bragg in North Carolina. I was deployed three times to Afghanistan, Jordan and most recently to Northeast Syria,” Griffith said.

Veterans Day is different from both Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day.

“It’s worth it because you know freedom is not free and we serve our country to serve others,” U.S. Army veteran Jose Perez said.

Veterans Day is celebrated to honor all who served for our country. Memorial Day honors those who died serving our country and Armed Forces Day honors those who are currently serving.

“In one hand you’re so stoked, like this is my chance to like put all the practice all the training, everything into practice and it matters,” Griffith said.

The primary goal for Utah County is to get veterans enrolled into the VA system.

“I mean I know military is not for everybody but it’s an option. It gives you opportunities to serve your country and you’re getting paid at it,” Perez said.

Memorials and programs are a good reminder to everyone to recognize the sacrifices the U.S. troops make on their behalf.

“But on the flip side of that, you’re doing it, you know, at the expense of your family. It’s a huge sacrifice for them for the things that they have to do in your absence,” Griffith said.

Today is an important day as we stand united in respect for our veterans. Many cities all over Utah will also have memorials and programs today to honor our veterans.

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