Temple Square to require vaccination for Christmas activities


For the first time since the pandemic, Temple Square is reopening to the public for Christmas. The light display will be limited due to the pandemic and continued construction on the Salt Lake Temple.

Activities will include a new animated nativity, a musical presentation and a Christmas devotional hosted by the First Presidency of the Church.

The Church has always encouraged its members to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and that push has continued. The Church is requiring both masks and vaccinations for anyone participating in the activities.

Some members are happy about the requirement and some nonmembers say that it makes them more likely to come to activities. Some members say that even if they weren’t already vaccinated, they’d be willing to get vaccinated to attend the activities.

“The prophet knows what he’s talking about, he used to be a doctor,” Temple Square visitor Laurie Peterson said. “It’s kind of like following the prophet. I think it’s great.”

The Church has not officially announced how they plan to check vaccination status but there are still lots of people looking forward to the reopening and the opportunity to celebrate their faith.

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