Utah Legislature approves redistricting plans amid cries of gerrymandering


By Ashley Chase

(File footage, Governor Cox Facebook)

Utah’s redistricting plans are heading to Gov. Spencer Cox’s desk after the Senate approved them earlier today in a 21-7 vote. Cox says he won’t veto the plans despite claims from the public of gerrymandering.

“I’m a very practical person. I’m not a bomb thrower and I believe in good governance,” Cox said.

The Legislative Redistricting Committee released the plans this weekend and had a public meeting about them on Monday. In the meeting many Utahns pointed out that dividing Salt Lake City into four congressional districts is unfair and gerrymandering.

Cox compared Utah gerrymandering to the widespread gerrymandering in the rest of the country.

“I’ve shared our maps with friends that live on the East coast and they always laugh at the gerrymandering that happens here,” Cox said.

The Independent Redistricting Committee proposed their own sets of maps, but the legislative committee stuck with their own plans. Utahns have decided they’re not going to let this slide and are taking their concerns to social media.

One post drew lines around the largest minority populations in the state, right along the lines of the districts dividing Salt Lake City. One Twitter user pointed out that St. George is with Salt Lake City, and Park City is with Provo and Sandy in the plans. They say it’s only good for the legislators and goes against what Utahns voted for.

Another post mentioned that in the Monday meeting there were six people for the plans and 150 people against. They say that the website couldn’t take public comments and the map is not fair and not right.

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