American Idol contestants perform in Provo


By Joe Belnap

Ammon and Liahona Olayan went viral last year when they performed an original song on American Idol. The siblings performed in Provo last night at the Covey Center for the Arts.

Ammon and Liahona have come a long way since their audition. Liahona is at Orem High School and Ammon is a freshman at BYU.

“I’m also taking a piano class because I don’t even know how to play piano,” Ammon said. 

“He needs it,” Liahona said jokingly.

These siblings love to tease one another. They feel way more confident performing compared to when they first started. 

Ammon recounted one of their first performances at a mall in Provo. “Lia started shaking and like she almost passed out. It was so funny,” he said.

Now Ammon and Liahona are signing autographs before their first big concert and looking comfortable on stage.

Fellow Utah artists Madilyn Paige and James the Mormon opened for them. Be on the lookout for a collaboration between James and Liahona. 

“When I listen to him I’m like woah this dude gets me hype so that’s been a really good time,” she said.

Ammon and Liahona have big dreams. “Getting on the radio that’s a big thing,” Ammon said. “But not only the radio, I want it to be a classic,” Liahona said.

“We’re gonna be dancing,” Ammon said, “a bunch of new numbers that we haven’t released yet.”

Their new album is not on streaming platforms yet but they sold the album at the concert.

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