Farm hosts annual pumpkin drop for charity


By Macenzi McGuire

Pumpkin patches and fall go hand in hand, but at Hee Haw Farms they’ve decided to ask the question, “What happens when you add a crane into the equation?”

This last weekend Hee Haw Farms had their 13th Annual Pumpkin Drop Event.

“It’s an end of season celebration for all of the pumpkin growers,” owner of Hee Haw Farms, Chalise Smith said.

The pumpkin growers enjoy the chance to enjoy their hard work.

“We grow a lot of the pumpkins here, and growing pumpkins is a lot of work all year. At the end of the year we want to have some fun with them,” Utah giant pumpkin grower Clint Nash said. “It’s just fun watching pumpkins drop from 75 feet in the air, seeing them splat and seeing the giant swimming pool turn into a tidal wave is the best.”

The tidal waves are made by participants. For $10 you can pick a pumpkin, take a quick ride in a crane and have some fun playing target practice.

Jordan and his grandson, Maverick, attended the event and took a ride on the crane. “His mom told us about this and told us we should come and it was so much fun for the both of us,” Jordan said

All the fun is also for a good cause.

“Each year we raise money for a charity or for a foundation. We raise the funds and like that we get to do something good for somebody in the community,” Smith said.

The pumpkin drop only happens once a year and is the last major fall event at Hee Haw Farms, but you can still come and take part in other activities.

“We will have a Christmas event this December with lights, Santa, and a fun Christmas atmosphere. It’s another fun opportunity to get a hot chocolate and come stroll through the farm,” Smith said.

Tickets can be purchased online or in person to take part in the year-end activities of Hee Haw Farms.

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