Sister Craven advocates using integrity, good language to stand out as children of God

Sister Becky Craven, second counselor in the Young Women general presidency, speaks at the campus devotional on Tuesday, Oct. 19. Sister Craven encouraged BYU students and faculty to stand out as children of God by exercising good language and integrity. (Addie Blacker)

Sister Becky Craven encouraged BYU students and faculty in a campus devotional today to stand out as children of God by exercising good language and integrity. Sister Craven is the second counselor in the Young Women general presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Sister Craven advised listeners to label themselves only by their family titles and their relationship to God. She said knowing one’s divine identity as a child of God gives them a vision of who they can become, dictating the way they think and act.

“Shouldn’t knowing that divinity dwells within us be reflected in our daily walk, talk and countenance?” Sister Craven asked. “When we know who we are, we act differently.”

Sister Craven shared an example of being recognized on an airplane as a disciple of Christ by her missionary name tag. She also talked about a time she could recognize another family as being members of the Church by their light-filled demeanors.

“The Lord needs us to be recognizable as His disciples,” Sister Craven said. “Remembering our celestial parentage gives us courage and confidence to stand against dangerous decoys that may lead us to think less about ourselves or those around us.”


Sister Craven encouraged BYU students and faculty to speak with language that is kind, clean,and soft-tempered. She cited an article showing that Utahns are ranked fifth-worst in profanity across America. Sister Craven also emphasized the importance of treating others as divine children of God, even avoiding the use of sarcasm to make sure one doesn’t accidentally offend another.

“With plenty of negative forces in the world tearing people down, we can be the counterforce to this kind of marring,” Sister Craven said. She asked listeners to build each other up the way Christ would. 


Sister Craven said people should always raise each other up rather than lowering their standards to appear more relatable than others. She shared the example of Jesus Christ, who never changed his standards, even as he met people where they were.

“Certainly, the Savior reached down to look into the eyes of another person, but He never stayed there,” she said. “He raised them up and left them better than they previously were.”

Sister Craven also encouraged listeners to exercise their integrity by never lying, exaggerating or making exceptions to upholding their standards. 

She shared the example of two trees, one that was weighed down by roots and vines, the other of which was free to grow. Sister Craven related this example to how one’s bad habits can weigh them down and keep them from progressing.

“What habits can you shed that will allow your light to shine in a way that you unmistakably stand as a witness of God at all times and in all things and in all places?” she asked.


“Standing as a witness of God means standing out,” Sister Craven said. “There is always a right way to do the right thing.”

She testified that knowing one’s identity can help them avoid being caught up in comparison, complaints or criticisms. Sister Craven also said striving to be better in language and integrity will help individuals gain confidence, have better access to the Spirit, gain more revelation and have more love for God and others.

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