Fall treats bring the holiday spirit to downtown Provo


Downtown Provo gets ready for fall by bringing out their Halloween decorations and fall treats. With fall officially taking over Utah, the leaves change colors, the weather gets colder and the local bakeries and restaurants make their businesses more fall-themed.

“I mean you can never really go wrong with anything in here,” Provo Bakery assistant manager Mady Scow said.

Once fall hits, local eateries bring out the pumpkin and scarecrow displays along with the hot drinks and Halloween cookies. Provo Bakery is one of the many places along downtown Provo that gets into the seasonal spirit early.

“Once it hits September we start doing apple flavored things. And then once October hits it usually goes to pumpkin,” Scow said.

Their seasonal cookies are so popular that some customers repeatedly come back for more.

“I usually have 4 to 5 locals that come in at least 2 or 3 times a week,” Scow said.

Another restaurant that enjoys the fall season is Enliten Cafe, located on Provo Center Street. Enliten Cafe sells a variety of different foods, pastries and drinks for their customers to enjoy.

“We have pumpkin chocolate chip bread, which is absolutely amazing. It’s one of my favorite things ever,” Enliten Cafe assistant manager Logan Flint said.

Enliten Cafe’s pumpkin chocolate chip bread is their best seller, but they also sell sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies and other seasonal cakes.

“We have a team of bakers and they do a lot of the decision process,” Flint said.

Their head baker comes up with a lot of the designs and ideas for their cookies and cakes. Not only do they create fun fall treats, they also have fun holiday traditions.

“On Halloween all of us servers come in wearing their halloween costumes and we hand out candy to all the customers coming in,” Flint said.

Downtown Provo business owners invite you to come on down to celebrate fall with them and enjoy some fall-inspired treats.

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