BYU spirit runs deep in a family whose 5 children are all in the business school

The entire Metcalf family in Provo after a BYU football game. The family has five children in the Marriott School of Business. (Dawn Metcalf)

Most BYU students leave their family when they come to college, but that’s not how it’s been for the Metcalf family. All five kids have found themselves at BYU at the same time.

Jon and Dawn Metcalf met their junior year at BYU and were married eight months later. They both graduated in 1991. Eventually, they moved to Texas to raise their family and have kept the BYU spirit alive. Their five kids are now attending BYU, all within the Marriott School of Business.

“Ultimately what we have found with BYU is that it is such a unique environment to experience for four years,” Jon said. “To be in a gospel-centered environment is such a unique experience. It really sets a tone for the rest of your life.”

Jon graduated from the business school and all five children are following in his footsteps.

Their oldest son, Thomas, graduated with his undergraduate degree in business management with an emphasis in marketing. He is now in the MBA program at BYU.

“Coming back to BYU, one of the biggest factors was to be next to my family,” Thomas said. “I also have two siblings here on my wife’s side. It’s great having family here.”

Becca Metcalf, the only daughter in the family, is pursuing a degree in experience design and management. “I’ve loved being at BYU,” Becca said. “I can’t imagine not having my brothers here, they are always people that I can go to.”

BYU played a big role in the Metcalf family growing up. “I remember growing up watching all the football games and talking with my parents about how they went to BYU,” said Quintin, a junior in the finance program and the youngest in the family.

Some of the Metcalf family attend a BYU football game. BYU played a big role in the Metcalf family growing up. (Dawn Metcalf)

Quintin explained that going to BYU was part of the family legacy he felt he had to follow, and he has not regretted making the decision to come to school here.

“From a young age, BYU was really instilled into each one of us,” said Jacob, the third oldest in the family who is pursuing his master’s in information systems. “It’s a lot of fun being with the siblings. It’s a big blessing to be able to run into each other and support each other.”

Jacob explained that growing up, he viewed his older siblings as role models. Now that they are all at BYU, they are on the same page and it has helped them become closer friends.

Being in the business school together has even helped the Metcalf family academically, enabling them to mentor one another.

The Metcalf family in 2019. Being in the Marriott School of Business together has helped the family academically, enabling them to mentor one another. (Dawn Metcalf)

The siblings also compete on an ultimate frisbee intramural team. “I think intramurals are fun because it’s something we can all contribute together and work on as a team,” Becca said. 

Most of the family experienced a year where they didn’t have any siblings at BYU and explained that it’s a much different experience.

“When you don’t have any family with you, you rely more on your singles ward to be your family,” said Austin, the second oldest. “Personally, I liked that I didn’t have too much family around my freshman year. It was a time to learn and grow and figure out who I was on my own.”

Austin graduated with his undergraduate degree in finance and is now in the MBA program with his older brother Thomas.

BYU has impacted this family and other families in a way that will continue throughout generations.

“I want to bring the principles I learned at BYU of love and compassion and learning into my house. I want to make sure the family values are always going with us,” Thomas said.

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