BYU Football's equipment truck ready to leave Provo on Wednesday night. (BYU Equipment Twitter)

‘Come, Come, Ye Saints,’ to Waco, Texas

“All is well” — words of a familiar hymn, Cougar Nation’s resignation after a weekend of Boise State-imposed sadness and the contagious tagline of one of BYU Football’s equipment truck drivers, Hal Morrell. 

At 9:24 p.m. on Wednesday night, Hal Morrell and Fili Taufa, were “hooked up and ready to leave” with BYU Football’s game day equipment. The last time the dynamic duo hit the road for a trek of this length, was for the infamous “Mullets vs. Mormons” Coastal Carolina game.

With next to no notice on their last cross country venture, the pair was likened to Cougar Nation’s very own Santa Claus, delivering the goods, and saving the day. At the time, Morrell and Taufa weren’t sure if there would even be a football game. This weekend, as the pair makes its way to Waco, Texas, the stakes are just as high. 

Hal and Fili on the road to the Coastal Carolina game last year. (BYU Equipment Twitter)

With BYU’s loss to Boise State last weekend, a Baylor win could set BYU back on track for a potential NY6 Bowl Game, and a jump back up the ladder. Though the Cougars fell from No. 10 in the national rankings to No. 19, Baylor remains unranked and unmatched in Cougar-esque spirit. 

Exuding true blue Cougar-esque spirit, Morrell and Taufa are giving Cougar Nation a play-by-play update of their travels on Twitter, dubbing the series “Truck Tracker.”  The series gained popularity on Twitter last year with the spontaneous nature of the Coastal Carolina game and reemerged on Wednesday night to take Cougar Nation along with them on the road.

At 9:30 a.m. on Thursday morning, Hal tweeted, “We are halfway, with the longer half ahead. All is well.” Then at 1:05 p.m. another tweet went out, saying, “We are going to stop at the Buc-ee’s off of highway 35 in North Fort Worth. I’ll see my grandkids for a few minutes. We are fueled and all is well.”

“All is well” may just summarize BYU Football’s experience this season. When BYU was 5-0, all was well. When BYU got the Big 12 invite, all was well. When BYU lost to Boise State last weekend, it may not have seemed like all was well, but with a week of practices under its belt, the team is ready for the challenge ahead, and “all is well.”

The game against Baylor this weekend is a special one for Morrell, for more than one reason. “This one’s really fun for me because all six of my grandkids live in the Dallas area, so it’ll be a chance for me to get to see them,” Morrell said in an interview with BYU Sports Nation on Thursday morning. “Waco’s a great place. Baylor’s a good team. It should be a good game this weekend.”

Will Cougar Nation be saying “all is well” after they verse Baylor on Saturday afternoon?

BYU Football’s Truck Tracker updates are available on the BYU Equipment Twitter page. 

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