A BYU hockey coach and player embrace. (Harlee Hunsaker)

BYU Hockey team hopes the university will reconsider 

By Harlee Hunsaker

For 15 years, the BYU hockey team has operated under a contract with the university. However, in June of this year, the Student Life Vice President informed the team that after the 2021-22 season they would not renew their contract. 

“I was disappointed. The team has a long history with BYU,” coach Dave Pitcher said. 

Pitcher has coached hockey for over 20 years, and during that time he’s grown a deep love for his players. 

“These players love representing their school,” Pitcher said. “I think that this has motivated them to want to do extra effort this season to represent BYU and show BYU we can be good ambassadors.” 

When the contract ends, the players will miss the community they’ve found in the hockey team. 

“That’s the biggest thing we are going to lose is just that culture we’ve created over the years,” BYU hockey player Ian Thunhorst said. 

But the team has not lost all hope. 

They would like the opportunity to sit down with BYU and discuss solutions.  

“…winning a lot of games. I think that’s really going to make some noise,” player Chase Christensen said. “I think just getting the word out how much BYU hockey has helped so many people.”

In the meantime, they hope their hard work at practice pays off, and that the university will recognize what this team means to so many people.

“If BYU understands it’s more than just hockey, they are more likely to reconsider keeping the program,” Christensen said.

“I hope they see what a blessing BYU hockey is to everyone involved and they will be able to change their minds,” player Cody Barrus said.

If you would like to see BYU hockey play another season, go to www.change.org/savebyuhockey to sign their petition. They are about 1,000 away from their goal of 5,000 signatures.

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