BYU Homecoming Week activities give students a place to belong

Video by Kelsey Nield

It’s Homecoming Week at BYU and that means fun activities for students and alumni, but it is also a time to give students a feeling of home and belonging.

Homecoming Week is a collaborative event between faculty and student teams to create an experience for current and former cougars.

One of the most popular Homecoming Week activities is the “Pizza at the Plaza” event at Brigham Square.

“We’re gonna give out Costco pizzas to over 2,000 students and we’re gonna have some games. Cosmo is going to be there, it’ll be a good time,” BYUSA member Michael Andrew said.

Another fun activity to add to the calendar is the Homecoming formal dance which will take place this Friday, Oct. 8 from 8-11 p.m.

“The theme is New Orleans at Night, so we are at a super fun and classy place, we’re at the Manor at the Riverwoods and we have a live jazz band,” BYUSA member Udim Obot said.

Light the Y is one of the oldest traditions at BYU. This event will happen Tuesday, Oct. 5th at 6 p.m.

“Students get together to hike the Y over Y mountain and then President Worthen will speak for a few minutes, welcoming everyone to BYU. And then there is a countdown and then the Y is lit!” Student Alumni member Eliza Hafen said.

While all these activities may just look like lighthearted fun, Homecoming means something a bit more to some alumni and students.

“I think the purpose of homecoming is to show that BYU is your home away from home,” Andrew said.

“Homecoming is a chance to celebrate and have fun, but also remember that purpose of like okay this is home, so I need to treat it like home,” Obot said.

There are so many fun events going on this week, so make sure to check them out. And welcome home cougars!

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