Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell returns to BYU Spectacular

Every year BYU celebrates musical talent during homecoming weekend at BYU Spectacular. This year Brain Stokes Mitchell will join the celebration. (BYU Tickets)

Tony Award winner Brian Stokes Mitchell will return to BYU and celebrate 50 years of the Marriott Center at the BYU Spectacular Oct. 7-8. 

Stokes is a celebrated musical theater artist with an impressive resume and skillset stretching back 40 years. He has gained prominence for his roles in “Prince of Egypt,” “Kiss Me Kate,” “Man of La Mancha,” and other titles. Stokes was BYU Spectacular’s first headliner 10 years ago, and the team behind the event is excited to welcome Stokes back based on his history with the community, collaboration skills and high caliber artistry. 

“Each performer brings their own unique voice and lenses to the performance,” BYU Spectacular producer Bridget Benton said. “We do hope … that people feel uplifted, and feel a greater sense of connectivity to the people around them, the university and the arts.” 

According to Michael Johanson, the show’s executive producer, the headlining act is only half of what makes BYU Spectacular special. Additional performances will include the BYU Singers, Ballroom Dance Company, Young Ambassadors, Cougarettes, Noteworthy, Vocal Point and Dunk Team.

“We’re not asking them to do their show, we are asking them to do our show with their talent, and that’s what we’ve found in Brian Stokes Mitchell,” Johanson said. “He is very collaborative in his approach.”

Stokes will perform eight numbers at this year’s event including his famous hit “Impossible Dream.” According to artistic director Jennifer Reed, this year’s performance will be much more upbeat than Stokes’ previous appearance. This year’s homecoming theme is “make your mark.” BYU Spectacular is celebrating this theme by highlighting the athletics, performing arts and other types of events that have taken place at the Marriott Center over the years.

“[We are] trying to evoke some of those fun memories and really fun moments that people will remember,” Reed said. “We want people to remember what a community space [the Marriott Center] is — everyone has had a moment there.”

Tickets for the BYU Spectacular event are on sale now on the BYU Tickets website.

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