Good News Thursday: Polish girl sends painting to Queen Elizabeth and receives reply, lost sea turtle flies home


Polish girl sends painting to Queen Elizabeth and receives reply

Twelve-year-old Wanessa Bąkowska channels her sensitivity through painting. Bąkowska sent a painting to Queen Elizabeth and received a reply. (Good News Network)

Sixth grader Wanessa Bąkowska has loved painting and all things royal since she was adopted as a little girl. Bąkowska has Down syndrome and recently decided to make a painting for Queen Elizabeth. She wrote a letter to go with the painting telling the queen about herself. In a Facebook post, Bakowska said she loves breaking stereotypes and that the impossible does not exist.

Queen Elizabeth responded in a letter dictated by her assistant, calling Bąkowska’s paintings splendid. She was both touched and thankful for the effort Bąkowska put into the painting.

Lost sea turtle flies home with own boarding pass

The Aer Lingus airline worked with Exploris Aquarium to bring this lost sea turtle home. (Good News Network)

Three-year-old endangered loggerhead sea turtle known as “Julius Caesar” was discovered washed up with hypothermia on a beach in County Donegal, Ireland. The Aer Lingus airline teamed up with Exploris Aquarium to fly the turtle home to Gran Canaria, Spain. Caesar was kept at a comfortable temperature and with regular monitoring to guarantee he made it home safely.

Aer Lingus was happy to accommodate the sea turtle, calling him a special passenger and ensuring his well-being during the flight.

India air pollution being recycled into floor tiles

In Delhi, India, Angad Daryani has created a way for air pollution to be recycled into tiles. (Good News Network)

In an effort to recycle in Dehli, India, Angad Daryani has created a filterless outdoor purifier that collects air particulate matter and turns it into custom tiling. Daryani is keeping the cost of this device low so it can be used in schools, hotels and industrial projects.

His company, Praan, has raised $1.5 million in startup investments, making his product the world’s most advanced and cheapest artificial intelligence air purifier. Other countries who struggle with air pollution are showing interest in his work.

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