Elder Pieper tells students to trust BYU, each other to build unified community

Elder Paul B. Pieper addresses the BYU community in his Sept. 21 devotional address. Elder Pieper taught the importance of putting trust in each other to build a stronger, more unified community. (Dallin Wilks)

General Authority Seventy Elder Paul B. Pieper encouraged students to put their trust in BYU and each other to build a “unified and stronger” community. 

“Choose today to look for the good and positive in each other and forgive quickly when offended,” Elder Pieper said in his devotional address Tuesday morning. “Trust others as you would have others trust you.” 

Elder Pieper also shared that truth and light are constantly being attacked in this age of social media by those who seek to “promote one’s position” or to have power and influence. 

To combat these opposing influences and build stronger trust, Elder Pieper taught two important truths:

Truth and intelligence

Elder Pieper cited many different truths that were restored and brought to light with the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He used these truths, all found in Doctrine and Covenants, to teach students and faculty that light and truth are connected. 

“These revelations declare that all light, truth and intelligence are in and proceed from God,” Elder Pieper said. By diligently seeking out truth, the BYU community can be strengthened. 

The role of the Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost serves as a constant guide and companion to those who have received this gift, Elder Pieper said.

“The Holy Ghost is recognized as an essential element of our learning and teaching experience,” he said. “Consider how much more light and intelligence are available to flow into our hearts, homes and classrooms as students and professors work to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost with them.” 

Elder Pieper encouraged the community to take advantage of BYU’s unique learning environment and draw upon the power the Holy Ghost brings. He said everyone should trust Christ completely while striving to build trust with others.

He acknowledged that people make mistakes and trust is often broken by others. “If you feel that your trust in others has been too deeply damaged to allow you to trust then put your trust in your Heavenly Father.”

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