How to use the unboxing experience to your benefit

For many companies, unboxing a product is an opportunity to promote brand loyalty and retention among customers. (Unsplash)

Do you feel thrilled when your Amazon order is shipped?

Does your heart rate increase when you notice that a parcel is out for delivery?

Do you feel especially happy when you lay your eyes on a product for the first time?

For most people, the answer to all of these questions is “yes.”

Today, we’ll show you how unboxing videos can be effective customer acquisition and retention tool.

What works with the “Unboxing Experience”

“Unboxing” is simply a recording of the moment when customers open and remove a product from its packaging. You might ask yourself – why would anyone watch others opening simple packages?

Well, there are many reasons why people do it. First, they want to know how a product looks before they buy it. Some like seeing how people react to new products, and others like looking at good packaging.

How prevalent are unboxing videos? Just take a look at these stats:

  • 90k people look up unboxing videos on YouTube a month.
  • Nearly 40 unboxing videos have more than 10 million views.
  • You can find unboxing videos in all languages, from South Korean to Serbian.

You have to admit, these numbers are pretty impressive, which leads us to our next question…

Why are unboxing videos so popular?

Many adults love unboxing videos because we are all children at heart.

There is a tingling feeling that people remember from being a child at Christmas time, the moment of tidings and joy. It’s one of those moments most adults never forget about. But, of course, the best part was unwrapping presents under the tree with anticipation!

The same thing happens when someone orders a package from Amazon today. Customers want to see a branded presentation with particular attention to detail so they can feel confident selecting the product.

Also, if the packaging is memorable, customers undoubtedly take notice of the brand and possibly buy from it again. For instance, unique packaging boxes from Refine Packaging have helped numerous brands attract the attention of shoppers from all walks of life.

One of the reasons people love to watch unboxing videos is because it reminds them of a time when they experienced that same excitement. There’s an emotional connection there, which motivates them to watch more and share their process with others.

How to leverage unboxing videos in your marketing strategy

Businesses with a web site that want to invest in marketing can use an unboxing video to provide customers with information about their product without even visiting a store. However, the online business is competing for attention with hundreds of other retailers that post YouTube content.

However, unboxing videos (unless it’s a paid collaboration) are typically made by customers. This provides social proof and shows that people enjoy the product.

The process of unpacking a product is not meant to be a promotional video. Many channels become more professional as time goes on, but the whole point is still to show off the contents of a package (and what’s inside) by using a simple microphone and camera.

Remember that YouTube is also a learning tool. Unboxing videos can be a great way to educate customers about what they are buying. Businesses want the audience to take the time to look closely at their products, and unboxing is a great entry point for this information.

You may have heard that “YouTube is a search engine.” But while you’ll spend time trying to rank on Google, do not neglect YouTube as it’s your second go-to place for SEO and marketing.

Unboxing in 2021 and beyond

As the popularity of unboxing experiences continues to grow, there will likely be an increase in these types of videos. For businesses that want to improve brand exposure, unboxing videos are a good investment.

Customers associate memorable experiences with the brand in the video and make that the benchmark for any other business ventures they try. Therefore, the more unique the product and package are, the more customers will be interested in the brand.

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