Good News Thursday: Cat saves owner, wandering elephants head home


Cat saves missing owner

Piran the cat alerted a search party to where his missing owner was, allowing emergency personnel to rescue her. (Bodmin Police/Facebook)

When an 83-year-old woman living in Bodmin, U.K. went missing, her neighbors were unable to find her. The search party looked for hours in the town and hills near where they lived, but couldn’t find her. Thankfully her black cat Piran came to the rescue by alerting the search party to where she was by meowing loudly at the sight the woman was missing. The cat was sitting in a corn field, and when searcher Tamar Longmuir went toward its cries, he saw that the woman had fallen down a 70-foot ravine and through a barbed wire fence. It took 25 emergency personnel to rescue her. Though she took a dangerous fall, she sustained no major injuries. Thanks to Piran, rescuers could find her in time.

“Without the cat waiting at the gate to that field, it could have been hours later that I or anyone else would have checked in there,” Longmuir told Sky News.

‘River Dave’ finds a home

David Lidstone, an off-the-grid New Hampshire hermit known to locals as “River Dave,” doffs his hat after speaking to media outside Merrimack County Superior Court after a status conference hearing. The court determined that Lidstone will be able to collect his cats, chickens and remaining possessions from the site he has lived on for 27 years. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

David Lidstone, an 81-year-old man known by his community as “River Dave,” lived in a cabin he built in the woods of New Hampshire for almost three decades. He grew his own food, tended to his pets and chickens, got electricity from solar panels and cut his own firewood. But his living situation was ruled in court to be unlawful on private property and he was jailed with the promise to be released on the condition he would leave the cabin. To make matters worse, the cabin burned down. But after his story was made known to the public, his community rallied behind him.

A GoFundMe page raised thousands of dollars for Lidstone’s living expenses. He now has temporary housing for the winter while he decides whether to rebuild his cabin or accept other housing. Though he enjoyed his years as a hermit, this experience made him realize that maybe being alone isn’t always the best choice. “Maybe the things I’ve been trying to avoid are the things that I really need in life,” Lidstone told The Associated Press.

Wandering elephants head home

A herd of wandering elephants cross a river using a highway near Yuxi city, Yuanjiang county in southwestern China’s Yunnan Province. The 14 elephants of various sizes and ages were guided across the Yuanjiang river in Yunnan province on Aug. 8 and a path is being opened for them to return to the nature reserve in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. (Yunnan Provincial Command Center for the Safety and Monitoring of North Migrating Asian Elephants via AP)

A herd of elephants who have wandered away from their reserve and bustled into towns and metropolitan areas look like they are finally on their way home. The herd of elephants left their home on a reserve about a year ago and traveled over 300 miles north visiting villages and metropolitan cities looking for food. A baby was even born during their journey. But now, the herd looks to be heading back south toward the reserve.

Elephants are a highly protected species in China. While on their journey, authorities assured the elephants were in safe locations to eat and reside. They are also making sure to get the elephants back to the reserve soon.

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