Construction during Education Week

Various construction projects are occurring on and around BYU campus. The Daily Universe made a map so those attending Education Week can be prepared and plan accordingly. (Dallin Wilks)

There are several construction projects occurring on and around BYU campus that are being wrapped up before the start of the school year.

Those in charge of construction at BYU are doing their best to finish up all projects or put them on hold to avoid disrupting Education Week, Education Week program administrator Bruce Payne said. This map shows markers where construction is or has been occurring on and around campus so those attending Education Week can be prepared, plan accordingly, avoid traffic issues and more fully enjoy Education Week.

The construction icons and lines on the road marked in orange are less problematic and have just the potential to cause slowdowns. Those marked in red signify closures and blockages to buildings and roads. Click on the icons for details. Photography of construction was by Dallin Wilks.

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