BYU Women’s Conference closes with Sister-to-Sister Q&A, Elder Rasband

Speakers address the audience in the Marriott Center at BYU Women’s Conference on April 29. The conference finished on Friday with a Q&A and comments from Elder Ronald A. Rasband. (BYU Photo)

The 2021 BYU Women’s Conference finished Friday with a “Sister-to-Sister” Q&A and a closing devotional by Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

The theme of the conference, “I am a Child of God, His Promises are Sure” continued in the final day, with speakers addressing how to receive personal revelation and tap into our divine potential.

Sister-to-Sister Q&A

The morning began with the Q&A event, featuring Sister Susan H. Porter, first counselor in the Primary general presidency, Sister Sharon Eubank, first counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, and Sister Michelle D. Craig, first counselor in the Young Women general presidency. The event was moderated by Sister Irene Caso.

The panel received over 10,000 questions from members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and answered some of the most common ones, on topics ranging from personal revelation to mental health and feelings of guilt and unfulfillment.

Speaking on the topic of personal revelation, Sister Eubank shared a lesson she learned from Elder Boyd K. Packer that “the light is always green,” and Heavenly Father will provide us the guidance we need as long as we are willing to act and move forward with the knowledge we are given.

Sister Eubank said the panel received “hundreds” of questions about mental health, and a clip of a conversation she had with a Church therapist on how to overcome depression and anxiety was shown.

Both the therapist and Sister Eubank encouraged sisters to “give themselves some grace,” and “cultivate joy” in their lives. A recently-released “Emotional Resilience Manual” published by the Church was also mentioned in these conversations as a helpful tool.

Lastly, the panel tackled the issue and challenge of being a single member of the Church, and not feeling the fulfillment of having children and a family of their own. Eubank, who is unmarried herself, jumped at the question. “Everyone is born to do three things,” Eubank said. “Freely choose God, come to know Jesus Christ and establish family relationships on both sides of the veil.”

She mentioned that the timing and order of these three things may not be the same for everyone, but that these are the priorities.

The panel finished the Q&A with some closing comments and final impressions.

“We can move forward with confidence knowing we are loved, we are valued and we are important,” Sister Porter said.

“Find friends, talk about your questions and invite the Holy Ghost,” Sister Eubank said.

“We love you. God is in the details,” Sister Craig said.

Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Elder Rasband was the final speaker of this year’s conference and was introduced by his wife, Sister Melanie Rasband.

Both Elder and Sister Rasband reiterated the theme of the conference for the audience, “I am a Child of God, His Promises are Sure,” and Elder Rasband began his remarks by saying we sing and say that phrase countless times in the church, but “do we believe it?”

He used the temple and the “covenant path,” a phrase commonly used by President Russell M. Nelson, to instruct listeners on how they can tap into their divine potential as children of God and receive His blessings.

The topic of single members of the Church came up once again, with Elder Rasband promising unmarried members that if they work to have a recommend and attend the temple, they will be “sanctified” and “comforted” by their service in the House of the Lord.

“He sees your pure heart, no matter your culture, color, talent, age or nationality,” Elder Rasband told the audience. “He sees you as who you really are: a daughter of God. And he calls to you, one by one, ‘come unto me.’”

Elder Rasband used Doctrine and Covenants section 122 and the experience of Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail to illustrate how to feel the presence and comfort of God in one’s life, in particular the phrase “hold on thy way, fear not what man can do, for God will be with you forever and ever.”

“Hold onto the promises you’ve made. Hold onto the covenant path,” Elder Rasband said. “It is the path less traveled.”

He invited listeners to pray for the strength to hold on, and the guidance of Christ to “walk beside us” through life.

Elder Rasband closed with the Parable of the 10 Virgins from the New Testament, comparing the oil in the lamps to our love for God and Jesus Christ, which comes from worship in the temple, honoring covenants and gospel learning. 

“You are daughters of God,” Elder Rasband said at the end. “You have come just at this time to valiantly build up the Kingdom of God on Earth.” 

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