BYU Women’s Conference focuses on what it means to be a daughter of God

The Young Women General Presidency: Sister Michelle D. Craig (left), Sister Bonnie H. Cordon (middle) and Sister Becky Craven (right) speak at BYU Women’s Conference on Thursday afternoon in the Marriott Center. (BYU Photo)

The Young Women General Presidency spoke on “the beautiful reality of what it means to be a daughter of God” during the Thursday afternoon session of BYU Women’s Conference.

“We are beloved daughters of Heavenly Parents, we are disciples of Jesus Christ, we stand as a witness of God,” Young Women General President Sister Bonnie H. Cordon said.

The women discussed different aspects of being a daughter of God. Sister Becky Craven, Second Counselor of the Young Women General Presidency, reminded the audience of their divine nature.

“Understanding our divine heritage gives us strength to prevail over the adversary and sustain us through the challenges of life, and sisters, it gives us an eternal perspective,” she said.

Another part of being a daughter of God is discipleship, First Counselor of the Young Women General Presidency Sister Michelle D. Craig said. Service and being broken are keys to discipleship, she added.

“Disciples can show this great love in small acts: by opening your home and your heart to one, who might be wandering… As disciples of Jesus Christ we know that we are loved and we know that sometimes it is okay to feel broken because we worship one that makes us whole,” Sister Craig said.

Sister Cordon followed Sister Craig with a message of being a witness to God, at all times. “The lord asks us to stand as a witness to God, at all times, in all things and at all places.”

The limited audience in attendance gives Cordon hope that having larger gatherings will be in the near future. “This small gathering actually gives us hope for a larger gathering. We miss your hugs and we’re excited for more hugs in the future,” she said.

Young Men general president Brother Steven J. Lund also discussed the importance of “Children and Youth” during the session, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ youth program.

Brother Steven J. Lund speaks at BYU Women’s Conference on Thursday, April 29. He discussed the importance of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ new youth program, Children and Youth. (BYU Photo)

Brother Lund urged the importance of a parent’s role in Children and Youth throughout his talk, particularly in forming relationships with the youth.

“Relationships with faithful members, like you, can be the most important faith factor in a young person’s life,” Brother Lund said.

He revealed the three areas of focus in Children and Youth: gospel learning, service and activities, and personal development.

The three areas of focus work in collaboration to bring youth closer to Heavenly Father, Brother Lund said.

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