Apartments for adults with autism


Utah’s first large affordable housing, specifically for adults with autism, will soon come to
The seven story apartment is going to house 30 adults with autism and 44 senior citizens.
The first three floors of the building are designed specifically for those with autism.
Kari Bushman, community relations and alumni coordinator of the ScenicView Academy,
said, “[The apartments] are designed to minimize sensory input and sensory over stimulation. So there’s extra sound-proofing, natural lighting, neutral colors.”
The location maximizes community engagement with walkable access to employment,
transportation, shopping and other elements of an independent lifestyle.
ScenicView Academy, a nonprofit transitional school for young adults with autism and
learning disabilities, said that this innovative project started when they conducted a state-wide survey. They discovered that there were no housing that accommodated adults on the autism spectrum.
“Our students are having a hard time being able to live on their own even though they have a job and the skills. … The opportunity is not there,” said Bushman.
Robert Vernon, CEO of the Provo City Housing Authority, said that this is not the first time they’ve worked with ScenicView Academy to provide more housing for adults on the spectrum.
“There is so much need across Utah, specifically in Utah County. We have a shortage of
about 4,500 units that are affordable,” Vernon said.
Provo City Housing Authority will manage the property with the ScenicView Academy.
Jakob Fjeldsted has a brother who has Asperger’s syndrome.
“He graduated from college, but ever since then it’s been difficult for him to transition into a professional environment and then full on independence,” said Fjeldsted.
Fjeldsted says that projects like this and warm welcomes from the community brings hope and peace to family members of those on the spectrum.
The apartment will be finished around September 2022.
Applications will open around January and the ScenicView academy will assess the adults to see whether they are fit to live alone.

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