Daily Universe advertising manager awarded BYU Student Employee of the Year

Daily Universe business manager Ellen Hernandez, left, and advertising student Eric Forbush work together on promotion and advertising for paper. Forbush was awarded the 2021 Student Employee of the Year Award out of 14,000 student employees. (Ellen Hernandez)

Daily Universe student advertising manager Eric Forbush won the 2021 Student Employee of the Year Award out of 14,000 BYU student employees.

Forbush has almost three years of experience working on promotion, branding and marketing for the paper. He attributes receiving the award to the “incredible leadership and guidance” of his advisors and his use of different skills while constantly trying new things.

“I was never afraid to pitch unique or different ideas,” Forbush said.

BYU Student Employment Office manager Jennifer Jarvis presented his award letter on March 11.

“It was recognized that you went above and beyond your job description, looking at problems that affected your team, your department, and the community,” the letter states. “They were impressed with your dedication and how you exemplify the principles and core values of Brigham Young University.”

Jarvis said the National Student Employee Association coordinates a selection process and then chooses the National Student Employee of the Year to recognize the achievements of collegiate student employees.

(Left to right) Ellen Hernandez, Eric Forbush and BYU Student Employment Office manager Jennifer Jarvis were all photographed at the presentation of the award. (Ellen Hernandez)

Universe business manager Ellen Hernandez has overseen and worked closely with Forbush throughout his time as an advertising consultant for the lab.

“From an employer’s standpoint, Eric is a dream employee. He works at such a high caliber and is someone I can count on no matter what,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez has observed students throughout her time as an administrator who are timid about disagreeing with her or proposing different ideas. She said Eric is such a valuable employee because he’s never afraid to respectfully present different viewpoints.

A memorable experience for Hernadez was the 2020 College Newspaper Business and Advertising Managers convention where Forbush presented a workshop on media business.

Hernandez said she received messages from advisors throughout the country about Forbush’s presentation. These administrators were so enthusiastic in their feedback on his clear professionalism and knowledge.

“These were all peers in the industry who were so blown away by him. He’s just a great ambassador for the communications program and BYU,” she said.

In normal years, Jarvis said the university would send the award’s recipient to compete in regional and national competitions coordinated by the association. It is not holding its regular competition because of COVID-19, so Forbush will not participate in any competitions this year.

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