BYU female a cappella group Noteworthy releases new album

BYU Noteworthy is a female a cappella group releasing a new album “This is Noteworthy” on March 5. The album features many songs from the group’s YouTube channel. (Amy Whitcomb)

The female a cappella group BYU Noteworthy released its new album “This is Noteworthy” on March 5.

“I think it’s our best-produced album,” Noteworthy director Amy Whitcomb said. “And the talent that it features is incredible.”

Lizzy Newbold, a senior studying English and alto in the group, said most of the music on the album is already on the BYU Noteworthy YouTube channel. Some covers included on the album are “You Say” by Lauren Daigle and “Lose You to Love Me” by Selena Gomez.

“The album contains a mixture of pop songs, chill ones and spiritual ones,” said Ellie Hughes, a soprano and senior studying public relations. “There’s something for everyone here.”

Newbold said Noteworthy was focusing more on live performances before the pandemic hit and the group lost its opportunities to perform.

The group decided to make an album that illustrates what a live show would be like, she said. “The solution was to create an album so that we could still get the music out.”

The album title “This is Noteworthy” comes from a rebranding of the group over the last three years, Whitcomb said. The show they planned before the pandemic had a theme of self-love and self-empowerment, and she wanted the songs to be heard. “It can be a more tangible thing that marks an important shift in Noteworthy.”

Hughes also said it was exciting to see Noteworthy’s work forever documented. “It’s really cool that this time of my life is going to be permanently recorded in an album and music videos, and I’m going to be able to share these things for the rest of my life.”

According to BYU Noteworthy’s director Amy Whitcomb, the new album “This is Noteworthy” reflects a rebranding process and promotes female empowerment. (Amy Whitcomb)

Whitcomb said she hopes people who listen to the album feel known, loved and empowered to do anything they set their mind to. Hughes and Newbold said they hope people will get up and dance as they listen to the Noteworthy album.

“I just hope that people feel something,” Newbold said. “If it’s an urge to dance, if it’s an urge to celebrate life, if it’s a vulnerable emotion that they’re able to feel and process through song, I hope our album can do that.”

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