6th annual Provo Women’s Day goes ‘Behind the Mask’

Women all meet together as Mayor Kaufusi stands at the podium in honor of kickstarting the events for Provo Women’s Day in 2020. (Brooke Steinke)

Provo will celebrate its 6th annual Provo Women’s Day on March 6 with virtual and in-person activities.

The theme for the event is ‘Behind the Mask.’ The event will include a Zoom lecture series, fitness and yoga classes, mommy and me activities, a bike ride, cookie decorating class and after-party. Festivities will start at 8 a.m. and go until 9:30 p.m.

“This event started as an initiative to enhance the visibility of the women of Provo, promote leadership opportunities for women in our community, and provide resources for women to help one another. Our hope is that it will grow into a Provo tradition and become a part of our culture for years to come,” said Mayor Michelle Kaufusi.

Organizers of the event hope this will be a place where “women can come together and help each other grow and give them a community,” said Provo Women’s Day organizer Whitney Booth.

The morning’s drive-thru breakfast and virtual lecture series is a highly anticipated event, which will feature lectures from successful Provo women from diverse disciplines.

“We’ll be able to hear from women in broad areas, like in business and politics. We’ll be able to help empower other women to feel that they too can also do these things,” Booth said.

BYU student Ellie Pratt said she is excited to see such an empowering event being hosted by the city of Provo.

“The fun and thoughtful events planned for Provo Women’s Day personally has me so excited to be a part of it,” Pratt said. “On top of that, it’s so empowering to see our city acknowledge the importance of women in our community, as well as providing them with experiences to feel empowered together.”

All women who are living in Provo are encouraged to attend any of the activities on Saturday. Masks are required for all in-person events.

“I think that all women and girls should take part in this opportunity to grow and learn together,” Pratt said.

More information can be found on the event’s website. All activities require an RSVP beforehand.

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