Influential BYU alumni set to speak at 2021 Summit event

BYU Student Alumni’s sixth annual Summit Leadership experience will feature a lineup of influential BYU alumni speakers. The two-day event kicks off Friday, Feb. 12. (BYU Student Alumni)

BYU Student Alumni Association is kicking off its sixth annual Summit leadership event this weekend with a lineup of big name speakers.

The two day TED-Talk style conference begins the evening of Feb. 12. Students can register for the event at the event’s website. Prizes will be awarded on both days including a drone, skateboard, apple watch, BYU bookstore gift card and iPad. 

Each speaker is a BYU alumnus. Friday speakers include Coveylink CEO Stephen M.R. Covey, Olympic luger Kate Hansen and Utah Valley University President Astrid Tuminez.

Saturday is set to feature Marriott School of Business Dean Brigitte Madrian; BYU Diversity, Collaboration and Inclusion manager Litta Little Giddins; diversity and inclusion thought leader Kevin Giddins; and chemistry professor Jennifer Nielson. This session will also include a Q&A panel with the speakers.

“This year’s speakers were selected because we felt they were the best ones to speak to the campus community at this time,” said Student Alumni publicity vice president Alyssa Thomason. “We also chose a lot of powerful women to speak to us because we feel that does not happen enough and we can learn a lot from them.”

Here are some of the prizes being awarded at the Summit leadership event. (BYU Student Alumni)

Student Alumni President Kaija Willey said an extensive amount of time goes into finding speakers that will not only inspire and uplift students but also reach a broad range of students.

“Every year we are amazed with the honesty and encouragement with which the speakers share their experiences and advice,” she said.

Student leadership members discussed some of their hopes for students who attend the summit.

One hope is that students who attend learn leadership principles they can apply in their own lives, connections vice president Isabella De Guzman said. She added that students should take time to attend the summit to hear from impactful alumni who were once in their position as students.

Willey said she hopes students leave feeling inspired to tap into their potential and make the most out of the opportunities they have here at BYU.

“This conference fosters an environment where students can take an introspective look at their own hopes and dreams in connection with the hopes and dreams of alumni who have come before them,” she said.

Thomason said she hopes those who attend the conference feel more connected to the university and the community. “We have an extraordinary army of alumni that are more than willing to help out students and I hope everyone that attends the summit will recognize that and feel the innate power of it.”

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