5 post-college career milestones

Graduation is a huge milestone, but what comes next? (Ekrulila via Pexels)

Once you graduate… what then? There are small, subtle signs that a post-college career is going well, although many may overlook them or fail to notice these milestones. Here are five career milestones to help you know that you have made it!

1. You view money as freedom

As we become more mature and overcome personal obstacles, we learn that money does not bring happiness or make problems disappear. With that said, a sign that you’re doing well in life is when you view monetary abundance as a means of freedom and potential.

When people get caught up in the intricate details of their day, they view money as a finite resource that rich people horde for themselves. If you’ve truly made it, you realize this is not the case, and money is the currency of opportunity.

When you have financial success, you can give freely, help those in need, buy gifts for family members, and donate to charities that mean something to you. If you can give money without having to check your bank account or second-guess your actions, you can safely say that you’ve made it!

2. You remodel your current home

Another sign that you’ve made it in life is when you can start bringing to life your ideas and dreams. Do you have a grand vision for how you want your home to look or feel?

This could come in the form of a new garage addition, incorporating outdoor kitchen designs, or building a new storage space for your clothes. Whatever the case may be, when you’ve made it in your career and personal life, building out your dream home is a logical choice to make.

3. You buy your dream car

A beautiful automobile is something we can all enjoy regardless of our age or geographical location. For many of us, we’ve had a “dream car” that we have wanted since we were young.

We may have seen an elegant Mercedes-Benz rolling through traffic or a heavy-duty truck moving an impressive load through the countryside. Whatever the case may be, having the purchasing power to get the automobile of your dreams is an indicator that you’ve made it.

4. You make passive income

Did you know that almost all wealthy and successful people have multiple income streams? When we were growing up and learning about wealth creation, many thought that a high-paying nine-to-five job was the key to abundance.

While having a great career is the start of the wealth equation, multiple income streams are the multiplier. When you can safely invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, and the like, you know you’re on the right path towards success. By expanding your passive income, you essentially pay yourself while you’re sleeping and relaxing. For substantial wealth creation to occur, investments are a must!

5. You buy your dream home

Do you ever drive through prestigious neighborhoods with beautiful homes as a way of inspiring action and forming positive habits in your life? Many of us dream of a day when we can purchase a gorgeous home to call our own. These homes act as physical reminders of what we’re capable of if we work hard, invest intelligently, and remain hopeful for the future.

Perhaps one of the most fundamental signs of making it is purchasing a home that gives you peace and comfort in your leisure hours. In the same way that your phone needs charging after a long day, humans need a quiet space to unwind and rebuild their energy. If your dream home restores your mental acuity and rebuilds your determination to be successful, you’ve truly made it!

While the topics we’ve mentioned are signs of success, they’re not a comprehensive list of tasks that need to be checked off to qualify as having ‘made it.’ Perhaps your version of success is different than ours, and that’s OK! Keep pushing your limits and striving to achieve your true potential in 2020 and beyond!

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