Good news Thursday: The Universe gives thanks


This Thursday, the Daily Universe Staff compiled some of the reasons why they are giving thanks. Here are some things we are feeling especially grateful for this year.

Kenzie Holbrook

Kenzie Holbrook holds up her “I Voted” sticker. (Kenzie Holbrook)

I am incredibly thankful to live in this great country, America. With everything that has gone on this year, it’s only helped me to realize how great of an opportunity it was to be raised here in the United States. I’m so thankful for all the rights I have as an American citizen.

Sydnee Gonzalez

Churro poses with a small sombrero. (Sydnee Gonzalez)

I’m grateful for my dog, Churro, who cheers me up when I’ve had a bad day. Dogs are pretty much always happy, no matter what’s going on, which reminds me there’s always something positive you can be grateful for despite your circumstances. 

Gabrielle Shiozawa

Gabrielle Shiozawa with her little brothers. (Gabrielle Shiozawa)

I am grateful for the best little brothers in the world! I got to spend way more time with them this year than I would have otherwise due to the pandemic. I’m so grateful for their humor, energy and love!

Steve Fidel

Steve Fidel poses with Universe staff in China 2019. (Steve Fidel)

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such good people. I’m grateful for the perspective on life the gospel brings, and for scriptures that let me know it’s not just me when I feel I’m experiencing “opposition in all things.” I’m grateful to have hope for the possibilities each new day brings, and for the chance to be a better person than I was the day before.

Lisi Merkley

Lisi Merkley’s new fish. (Lisi Merkley)

I’m grateful for my pandemic emotional support fish. He might look grumpy all the time, but I think he loves to swim around and keep me company while I work. 

Ally Arnold

Ally Arnold looks around in St. Chapelle cathedral in Paris, France. (Ally Arnold)

I am grateful for where my education takes me. In my studies I have gone abroad, challenged my thoughts, broadened my horizons, learned to work harder and smarter and met wonderful people who help me pursue my career. Having these opportunities push me to be more understanding of others, willing to seek out truth, and be a better journalist.

Karina Andrew

Karina Andrew has her own personal library in her apartment. (Karina Andrew)

I am so grateful for books. It wasn’t that long ago in human history that it was an anomaly to be literate. Most people who have ever lived have never had access to books, and here I have a whole personal library in my apartment! Nonfiction educated me, fiction transports me to new worlds, and everything I read expands my mind and heart.

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