Utah food drive continues as planned, despite pandemic


Despite the year of uncertainty and change, Brigham Young University student alumni will again host the largest food drive in Utah County.

For more than 20 years, BYU student alumni sponsor the food drive. Since 2012, BYU combines with Utah Valley University in their efforts to curb hunger of Utah residents.

One of the vice presidents of student alumni, Nick Merrill, shared that it’s easy to be unaware of the suffering and levels of poverty that exist just five minutes away from students here in Provo. It’s important to remember each effort makes a difference. 

 “For example, $1 donated to the food drive represents 15 pounds of food the food bank can purchase, and a $2 donation can feed a family of four for a day.”

One in six children in Utah don’t know where their next meal will come from, and nearly 80,000 people in Utah County live at or below the poverty line. 

“There are few events on campus that are as meaningful to the community, and from my experience, the BYU students who participate in it, because it really is making a measurable impact on Utah county,” said Merrill.

How can you help? You can donate money through venmo, at the BYU store, Cougareat or the creameries. Drop off non-perishables in one of 16 bins across campus, or participate in the “Y-Run?”

Ty Duffy, the “Y-Run?” program director, explained the background of this run: “Let’s make it like an anti-run, and we decided to call it ‘Y-Run?’ so instead of committing to run that day, people commit to not run that day but still donate to our cause.”

The directors ask that every student “find it in themselves” to donate even the smallest amount.

“Every donation is important, and every student can and will have an impact with whatever involvement level they’re comfortable with and able to contribute.”

At this special time of year, those pushing the food drive hope everyone can unite to help those in need.

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