Riverton Christmas card competition


Twas a month before Christmas and all around town, Riverton City was looking for the best Christmas card around.
The children were busy making crafts and designs.
The hard part was trying to color inside the lines.
With so many cute cards, the decision will be hard.
The winner will be given a $100 Walmart gift card.
Public relations specialist Kyler Brower told us a thing or two about when the Christmas card competition was brand new.

“When the mayor came up with this idea, he wanted kids to be more involved.”
So after asking for kids help, the mystery was solved.

“But there’s just something about getting a card that has a design from a kid that’s just cute and Christmasy, and it just warms your heart.”
It’s just the best way for the holiday season to start.
In years past, kids drew snowmen, Santa and reindeer.
Who knows…maybe art will be their newfound career.
The flyer right here shows you how to submit, but if you enter, make sure you commit.
You can scan a photo copy and submit electronically or fill out a form and drop it off at city hall…ironically.

So hurry and enter, the competition ends tonight.
Be sure you make your Christmas card look just right.
For questions or concerns you can contact them by email.

will give you all the details.
Sadly that is all the time I’ve been assigned.
I’m Mandy Welker, reporting for Newsline.

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