Online Christmas shopping rates on the rise amid pandemic

Michael Dwyer
Tashalee Rodriguez, of Boston, uses a smartphone app while shopping at Macy’s in downtown Boston. For the first time, analysts predicted that more than half of online traffic to retailer sites would come from smartphones than desktops during the busy Black Friday holiday shopping weekend. (Associated Press)

One of the best Christmas traditions is giving and getting gifts. 

While shopping online has always been an option, it seems that this year, online shopping rates will be through the roof.

Long ago, there were the days when thousands of people crowded the malls in search of personalized presents to buy friends and family. But this year, it is forecasted that a whole lot of that shopping will be done online. 

According to Adobe Analytics Holiday Forecast for 2020, online sales will total $189 billion this holiday season — with 42% of shopping done from smartphones. 

This probably isn’t all that surprising; if any year was going to be an all-time high for online shopping, this would be the one. After all, we are still in a pandemic, which results in fewer numbers allowed in stores and no open dressing rooms.

The mall can be nice with the good vibes and the exercise that comes from walking around a few dozen times, but at home you can chill and still feel the thrill of a new purchase. And if you really need the exercise, you can do something like 10 push ups every time you put something in your cart.

And then, there’s your package anywhere from a day to a week later. 

Adobe says that December 11th is the last day for cheaper shipment. Several retailers have a curbside pickup option that you can also take advantage of. 

So all we can say now is to make sure you get your gifts ordered so they get here in time for Christmas.

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