How businesses prepare for Black Friday


Every year, Black Friday brings shoppers some serious savings, and this year will not be any different. Malls and stores across the United States already started preparation for their Black Friday sales, including the ring company, “Tristen Ikaika.” 

“We started prepping for Black Friday in, I think, August,” said founder and owner, Tristen Persons. He created Tristian Ikaika rings back in 2017 and continues to sell the rings today, especially on Black Friday. 

“My first year of business I did about 1/3 of my annual sales on the one day of Black Friday,” said Persons. “And that isn’t super uncommon for ecommerce businesses, and this year I am hoping to do the same. “

But to make that happen, it requires a lot of preparation from everyone. Long-time friend and employee of Persons, Kaity Whittingham, said, “As we are preparing, it is a little stressful because there is a lot to get done and a lot to work on. It’s nice that we have each other to rely on, but it can also be stressful because if I don’t get my part of the project done and running, then that’s the most stressful part.”

Persons said that preparation this year looks like preparing the rings, planning a promo strategy, creating a press box and much more.

You can get started with your holiday shopping early this year and check out Black Friday sales. Some companies like Tristen Ikaika rings even go live with their sales Thanksgiving night.

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