College Christmas wishes


Students are starting to head home for Thanksgiving, and with Christmas rounding the holiday corner, we set out to see what Brigham Young University students are asking Santa for this year. They may not be little kids anymore, but college students are still within the 1-92 age range, which means they are just as excited about the cheery holiday as anyone else. Some students shared what they most hope to see under the tree this year. 

James Baird, a skiing connoisseur, asked that his mother pay for half of his ski pass this season and also hopes for “joggers, because that’s all [he] wears.” Not to mention, he loves new socks. Ivy Alexander is asking for a sunny vacation, teeth whitener, and plenty of board and card games. 

Kyle Hendricks, a med-school hopeful, hopes for just that—an acceptance to the school of his choice. Along with “some new pants, and some socks, and a winter coat.” Ethan Horsley is six iPhone generations in and is truly praying for the new iPhone 12. 

Whether it’s med school or socks, BYU students know how to wish with all their hearts and keep the Christmas spirit alive.

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