“Luz de las Naciones” broadcast


For the first time ever, the Latino music show, “Luz de las Naciones,” had to be broadcast instead of before a live audience because of COVID-19 restrictions.

But as Newsline reporter Lizeth Vejar tells us, the performers and spectators say they enjoyed the socially distanced experience.

More than 1,000 people put on Luz de las Naciones: producers, singers, dancers, band/instrument players and hosts — all from Latin American and Spanish countries. 

They do it to express their culture, traditions and values through music.

This pandemic did not stop anything due to technology. This year, families enjoyed this show from the comfort of their homes. A different spacing, but the same spirit. 

Many performances from past years came back for this year’s show. “My family is from Chile in Latin America, and I loved watching Luz de las Naciones virtually because I could rewatch all of my favorite musical numbers,” said Rebekah Hermann, Luz de las Naciones attendee.

Luz de las Naciones’ main singer, Rebecca Lopez, performed a new song  “Calma” (slow down), a Spanish cover of the original by Chuck Girard. She recorded her musical number in a Church recording studio months in advance. 

Another highlight of the show was the virtual choir. Choir members of the group recorded their number in advance, and producers mixed their voices and the music to show a video with different backgrounds.

“I feel honored of being part of the cast of Luz de las Naciones. The 2020 performance was a wonderful experience. Participating virtually made me feel safe, and the performance was a beautiful show,” said Berta Yanez, Luz de las Naciones choir singer.

The famous singer, David Archuleta, performed a number from 2015, which stole the attention. He sang with his mom and then with hundreds of missionaries the classic, “We’ll Bring the World His Truth” — in Spanish.

Every year, Luz de las Naciones has a different motto. This year’s was “united in hope,” a message dedicated to the hard times we’re all experiencing and the hope that we all share. This year’s show encouraged people to have hope that things will get better. 

Another performance will air on December 19, and will be dedicated to the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

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