BYU Football encourages all to love one another


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 60,000 football fans no longer fill LaVell 

Edwards stadium for games, but the Brigham Young University football team did not let that stop them from connecting with as many people as possible.

Earlier this year, the team decided to come up with a message to share with the world. That message is to love one another. 

At their season opener on September 7th, they unveiled their team shirts that say, “We are One” on the front and “Love One Another” on the back.

Wes Wright, BYU football defensive back, said, “For us, to put that on the shirt and have that be our message was something really unique and something we were all behind.” Football player and tight end Kyle Griffits said, “‘Love one another’ is just the perfect thing that if our world could do a little more of that, I think we would be a little bit more successful.” 

More people than just the team can wear the “Love One Another” T-shirts. The BYU store sells them so that everyone can support BYU football and their message.

“Pretty much as soon as the football team wore those shirts, we were asked constantly when you are going to get the ‘Love One Another’ shirts,” said BYU Store employee, Anna. “And as soon as they came in, we were sold out within three days. They are very, very popular.” 

When I asked social media fans about the new T-shirts, Katie Jackson said, “I love them. Our world needs more love.” Angie Hunsaker said, “I love the thought of this being worn by big strong athletes. Simple, but powerful.”

Football player Kyle Griffits said the team created the shirts to show what they think the world needs more of — love.

You can get a “Love One Another” shirt at the BYU store, and 100% of the proceeds go to fund scholarships in the multicultural department at BYU. 

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