Winner yet to be announced for Utah’s Fourth Congressional District

The race between Democratic candidate Ben McAdams and Republican Candidate Burgess Owens for a seat in the House of Representatives continues to be a close race. (Kristin Murphy/ Deseret News, via AP, Pool, The Salt Lake Tribune)

Utah Democratic candidate Ben McAdams and Republican candidate Burgess Owens are now split by only 405 votes with 81% of vote reporting completed, as of 10 p.m. Nov 6.

McAdams, a first-term congressman, has 47.6% of votes, while Owens, previously an NFL player, follows close behind with 47.5% of votes.

The candidates have been consistently switching leads since yesterday. McAdams started with a lead in the race on Tuesday, but Owens pulled ahead yesterday evening. With 19% of the vote still needing to be counted, it is too early to project who will win the election for the Fourth Congressional District, which includes portions of Salt Lake, Utah, Sanpete, and Juab Counties. They are the last Congressional District in Utah to determine a winner.

“We have always known that this would be a very close race, I do remain optimistic. But it’s cautious optimism,” Utah GOP Chairman Derek Brown told Desert News Thursday.

Election officials are warning that it could take until next week for all votes to be processed and counted, according to Deseret News.

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