The Church begins sending missionaries internationally again


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will start sending missionaries throughout the world again. 

Church officials say health remains a top priority, but they now feel confident to begin sending thousands of missionaries from their home countries to their original assignments in foreign missions. 

The missionaries will have to follow the country’s laws regarding local COVID-19 conditions and air travel restrictions.

Sister Smith finishes the online MTC this week before she heads out to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “Heavenly Father knows what he wants us to do, where he wants to be and when. I guess, like, as much as it kind of sucks sometimes to like, I don’t know, not be on our plan…he [God] knows in the long run, what’s going to happen and the blessings that will come from following this plan, even though it’s not what we expected.”

When the Church pulled the missionaries from foreign countries during the pandemic, it dramatically increased the number of missionaries serving in the United States, often reaching three times the number of missionaries they had in the past. 

Sister Wing, a sister reassigned to Raleigh, North Carolina, reacted to the new announcement saying, “It’s going to drive me to work harder with my language study… but also, like, I still have a job here to do in North Carolina. So I’m going to try and stay focused as much as I can but still have that hope that I can get to Paris.” 

Despite the unusual and unexpected circumstances, missionaries remain optimistic and excited about the chance to serve. “I’m just happy wherever the Lord needs me at this point,” said Elder Hertz, reassigned to the Bentonville Arkansas mission.        

The missionary department will need to obtain all the needed travel documents to help thousands of missionaries get ready to leave as soon as possible.

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