Is it too early to deck the halls?


Although the weather is still warm and Christmas is still two months away, many people are already decking the halls, including Megan Larson. She said, “I actually started decorating the day after Halloween because I think the sooner the better.”

Megan is one of many Utah residents who is excited to kick off the 2020 holiday season, as she believes it will bring joy and peace to a rather chaotic and stressful year. “So usually I decorate earlier than a lot of people, but this year in particular because it’s just been such a crazy year, 2020, and I know Christmas brings joy, the Christmas spirit, and I think we all need that right now,” Megan said.

Retail stores like Target and Walmart are full of artificial trees, wreaths, stockings, ornaments and even ugly sweaters.

Shoppers are getting an early start this year as they hunt down the perfect decorations, matching family pajamas, and the most creative stocking stuffers.

Candy Cane Christmas Lights is a local Christmas light company who sets themselves apart by dressing up as Santa and his elves while they’re on the job.

Brenton Southard says they started hanging lights as early as October 1st this year. “This year has been kinda different; I think everyone is a little more excited this year to start celebrating Christmas, and so a lot of people have been doing it earlier just cause I think they’re more eager to start something new, especially since everyone is cooped up at home,” said Southard.

While there are many who are looking forward to Christmas, there are also some, like Jack Taylor, who think celebrating this early is too early.

Jack said, “I think that you don’t want it to get over-saturated. And when Christmas is something so wonderful, if you spend too much time and you start too early celebrating Christmas and putting up lights and everything, then by the time that it’s actually Christmas, the time that you’re supposed to be enjoying that the most, you’re already burned out because you’ve been seeing the same lights, the same decorations, and celebrating Christmas for two months.”

Whether you’re kicking off your Christmas celebrations now, or after Thanksgiving, we hope you enjoy every moment of this special time of year.

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