‘Day of the Dead’ traditions



SANTA ROSA, ECUADOR — “The day of the dead” celebration continues, and today we are going to visit a local Ecuadorian family to show us how they manage to celebrate this day with her loved ones without visiting their graves due to government regulations. 

Last week, the city of Santa Rosa closed all the cemeteries until November 3rd in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. So instead, this family chose to focus on other “Day of the Dead traditions,” like drinking “the Colada Morada.”

This traditional beverage is among the most popular in Ecuador. People in Ecuador drink it during the celebration, served with a side of bread or any other baked goods. 

Veronica Granda loves to make this drink for her and her family and shares “we love that we get together as a family; we get to remember about our loved ones and feel close to them more than ever.”

The family cooked this delicious drink, so it is ready before all the rest of the family members come visit and start the celebration. As she shares, “We try to have this ready before 4 p.m., then we all eat together, tell stories about my mom and my brother, which is nice because we all get to laugh and connect with them as if they were here with us.”

Veronica’s mother passed away two months ago, and her brother died 27 years ago, and they are their only deceased family members. However, they think this tradition will help them celebrate with happiness and remember their loving mother and brother.  

They say the most important thing in life is family, and they stick together no matter what. As people in Ecuador say: Love, kindness and “Colada Morada” are the glue that holds us together.

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