Fighting off COVID-19 with kindness


A spike of positive tests hit students at Brigham Young University this fall as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world. Even with so many restrictions and regulations, students experienced trepidation coming onto campus.

However, Natalie Ipson, BYU’s news media manager, explains why students should no longer fear coming on campus.  “We’re seeing great compliance from all of our students, faculty and staff on campus. We know that being on campus is one of the safest places our students can be.” Ipson ensures that if we all do our part to wear our masks and stay distanced, students can rest easy. 

Ipson says the faculty and staff understand the hardship this pandemic puts on the students, because in addition to learning, college is a period of life people associate with meeting new people and having fun.  

While it may not be fun to have a swab up your nose, the university is adhering to state and CDC guidelines and is encouraging students to get tested for COVID-19 at the BYU Health Center. The Health Center has implemented a new drive-up system so students can get tested without having to leave their cars. 

Ipson’s final words of advice for such a tumultuous time was this: Be kind. “We can fight the virus of contempt with kindness, even as we debate how to best respond to this pandemic as a society, we can always be kind.” 

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