Check out one COVID couple’s ‘undead’ wedding


Halloween is coming up this weekend, and while some couples and families decorate pumpkins and their homes, models Bryce and Kaitlin Cindrich will celebrate their wedding vows in a spooky way.  

“Everytime that we do a shoot like this, it’s just another way to party and to have fun, and to have fun celebrating our love,” Kaitlin Cindrich said.

Like many couples this year, Bryce and Kaitlin cancelled their large wedding celebration because of the pandemic. Kaitlin, who has an autoimmune disease, expressed concern. 

“We started hearing all about this weird virus that was going around and…I was instantly worried,” Kaitlin said. 

But Bryce and Kaitlin didn’t let COVID stop them from having a safe celebration this Halloween. Inspired by a social media trend, Kaitlin planned her very own “undead” wedding photoshoot, where photographers gathered for the opportunity to practice shooting, learn from each other, and create unique, Halloween photos. 

“A lot of effort goes into styled shoots,” said Cassidy Smith, a local photographer. “You have to contact vendors for the clothing; you have to contact vendors for the cake, flowers, makeup and all that stuff.” 

Cassidy even encouraged the undead bride and groom to use this photoshoot as an opportunity to do everything they would have done at their wedding. 

“We’ve shot with one of the photographers before, Cassidy Smith. We told her we had never had a wedding cake,” Kaitlin said. “And [Cassidy] was like, ‘Oh my goodness, we need to have you cut a wedding cake!’ So, we cut a wedding cake. And we told her that we never really did any vow exchange and she said, ‘Ok, write some vows then!’”

 When asked about his participation, the vampire groom explained how much energy his wife put into the shoot. 

“She plans everything, I just show up!” Bryce said.

The hard work pays off! And the photos inspire everyone to wish the bride and groom a happy Halloween and a spooky ever after. 

“It is so satisfying…I feel so artistic right now…I feel like I’ve just created beautiful art,” Kaitlin said. 

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