BYUSA brings the Halloween spirit to campus during Spookify the Y

Spiderwebs cover the JFSB quad, creating a spooky space on campus. (Preston Crawley)

BYUSA held Spookify the Y to create safe activities and bring a fun holiday spirit to the students Oct. 30.

From dressing up in costume to engaging in fun games and treats, students participated in the Halloween campus traditions all while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

BYUSA volunteer Jasmine Limbong explained that COVID-19 has created a challenge for so many students. “If BYUSA keeps holding these kind of events, even though we are social distancing, it still reminds students that we do have a campus family here,” she said.

Though the activities may have been different than previous years’ activities, students still came to campus with the Halloween spirit in abundance. Volunteering with BYUSA, Brandyn Young said this event and “holidays seem to be a great way to look at the bright side of life despite hard circumstances.”

Students walked through a spider webs in the JFSB quad this afternoon as BYUSA volunteers gave out candy to passing students. Bushes and trees were covered with cobwebs to create a spooky space on campus. Students standing in bushes passed candy thought 6 foot tubes to maintain social distancing, which also added a fun element to the experience.

Jamming to the Monster Mash, students participated in a cake walk next to the Wilk, bowling pumpkins and guessing games rolled along in the Marigold quad and students received “Boo Bags” to keep and share with a neighbor or friend to encourage service. Tasty treats were passed out to students all over campus, creating an exciting spirit that hasn’t been on campus in a long time.

Students receive sweet cakes with proper sanitation guidelines in place. (Preston Crawley)

Planning events has been challenging for BYUSA this past year, but putting this event together has brought students together, too. “Almost all of our events have been cancelled this year, so it’s been really nice to finally see the results of all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes,” volunteer Emily Asher said,

BYUSA continues the Halloween spirit into this evening with their Spooky High Stakes Bingo event with prizes including Air Pods, Hydroflasks and hammocks. Student can register for the event here. Doors open at 7 p.m. in the WSC and the games will begin at 7:30 p.m.

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