Fear Factory haunted attraction adapts to pandemic


The Fear Factory is one of the top Halloween attractions in the world. The haunted house was an old cement factory in the late 1800s. 

In 2011, it opened as a haunted house and later became #3 in the world for Halloween entertainment.  

With the pandemic hitting this year, co-owner Rob Dunfield tells us what changes they’ve had to make to ensure their customers are comfortable and safe.

“Masks — every one of our actors has a PPE mask, and then they often have another mask that has another layer of PPE in it as well,” Dunfield said.

Dunfield also says they’ve made significant changes with how they used to run the Fear Factory.

“A lot of people are like, ‘There’s no way, I’d never go to a haunted house.’ Now we really space out the groups going in. You only go with the group you came with; your family group can only go together. We don’t pair groups to go into the haunted house anymore,” Dunfield said.

This factory also became the first haunted house to successfully open during a pandemic. They made a 60-page contingency plan that was later released to all entertainment and haunted attractions across the world. 

“We’ve redesigned the haunted house. We’ve had to move a lot of the things that touch people and remove those. We’ve had to modify the scares and the way that we scare,” Dunfield said.

The 60-page plan created by the Fear Factory set a precedent for entertainment attractions to operate under. 

For more information about the Fear Factory, go to fearfactoryslc.com.

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