“Eat Freaks” rate popular food destinations


College students know the struggle of finding a good place to eat with their friends. Well, they need look no further. Two Brigham Young University students, Amy Estes and Alyssa Carol, run a popular social media account called the “Eat Freaks,” dedicated to rating popular food destinations. Estes and Carol travel all over Utah to try out local restaurants, food trucks and dessert shops. 

“I was just watching videos, and I noticed that there were no videos on food. So, we started making videos, and our first video had over 100,000 views pretty quickly,” said Estes. 

Their videos include an honest review of the food, staff, environment and overall experience, as well as any tips they have for fans and followers. The “Eat Freaks” have visited and reviewed places like Station 22 Café, Spilled Milk and Sweet’s Hawaiian Grill. They have reviewed all kinds of foods, from sushi to smoothie bowls to breakfast sandwiches to chicken and waffles. 

“I didn’t expect anything; we just posted it and were like, ‘Let’s see what happens.’ But then we started getting followers, and it just grew and grew,” said Estes. 

Their videos have inspired many Utah residents to also visit and try these places for themselves. Some restaurants have even seen an increase in sales and customers after the “Eat Freaks” posted their reviews. 

Estes said, “My favorite part is getting to meet chefs and business owners just because being in the food industry is really, really challenging. It is just inspiring, and it’s a cultural experience, and I love it!” 

So the next time you and your friends struggle to find a place to eat, check out the “Eat Freaks” on TikTok or Instagram for suggestions on where to go and what to order. 

Their handles are @EatFreaks_UT on Instagram and @EatFreaks on TikTok.

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