Halloween activities amid a pandemic


Halloween might look a little different in Provo this year. The kids will still trick-or-treat, despite worries about the coronavirus, but what about all the college students who want mass gatherings and parties? 

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, people should avoid some of the classic Halloween activities like costume parties, overpopulated pumpkin patches, or anything that might draw large crowds. The restrictions have changed many college students’ plans. 

“I have no plans. I’m not doing anything… I mean, last year, I went to parties and things like that,” said Haley Lara, a college-aged student living in Provo.  

Sydney Chatterton, a Brigham Young University student, has similar plans — that is, none. “I don’t have any plans ‘cuz usually, I would have a bunch of people over, but I don’t really wanna do that, so we’ll probably just eat candy and watch movies.” 

When asked if his plans for Halloween have changed due to the pandemic, BYU student Blake Wayment said, “They may be different. Like, I would probably go to a party, but we can’t guess that something like this is going to happen, so I think it’s fine. It is what it is.” 

Brigham Young University Communications sent out an email detailing seven ways students can celebrate Halloween this week in a safe environment: Wear a costume to campus on Friday, “spookify” the Y, visit Hogwarts, stream a ghostly tale, show off your cookie decorating skills, meet some monsters and cheer the Cougars to victory at the BYU v. Western Kentucky game on Saturday.

How else can you celebrate Halloween?

Wayment said, “Well, you gotta take advantage of spooky season, right? I love the haunted houses, corn mazes — all that stuff is way fun. You gotta carve the pumpkins too.” 

“I like to go to pumpkin patches and corn mazes and stuff like that,” said Chatterton. “And actually, me and my friend have been watching all the Disney Channel Original Halloween movies. We watched all the Halloweentowns in one night.” 

No matter how you decide to spend your Halloween this year, stay safe and stay spooky. 

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