BYU marching band ready for gameday


The last Brigham Young University football game with fans in the stands at LaVell Edwards Stadium was 343 days ago. However, the fans aren’t the only ones excited to be back inside the stadium. The BYU Marching Band is ready for gameday.

Fred McInnis, director of athletic bands at BYU, said, “We’re really excited. With the advent of COVID-19, we’ve been really concerned. We’ve been basically shut out of the stadium like everybody else. Along with the fans, we realize how important it is to be at the stadium on gameday.”

The social distancing rules that came with the COVID-19 outbreak forced the band to participate in a different way. They did this by recording the performance and putting them on social media.

“We actually took the band and split it in half. We had one half of the band perform one tune, and another half of the band perform another tune so that we could put a whole show on the field.”

For Saturday’s game, the band will play from the stands, socially distanced, like everyone else.

“You’ll see us. We’ll take all of section 44, and we will be six feet apart. That means we go from the very top to the very bottom of section 44, whereas before we only took about half of it.”

With fans now in the stands and the band playing, gameday at LaVell Edwards Stadium will look a little closer to normal.

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